Finding the Best Holiday Cottages

in Lanarkshire Scotland

Lanarkshire is one of the oldest and most renowned Royal Burgh located in Scotland. Granted in the year 1140, the Lanarkshire became home for the Scottish Parliament during the 978 AD. The Parish Church of St. Nicholas was erected during the year 1774 which housed the oldest bell in the world.

There are also many heritage sites in the area that attract the tourist in visiting the place.   When you are in the area, you will need to find Holiday Cottages in Lanarkshire Scotland that can address your needs. Fortunately, there are a lot of Lanarkshire Cottages such as West Laigh that is situated at the heart of the city which is only a few minutes away from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Facilities of the Holiday Cottages

in Lanarkshire Scotland

The best Cottages in Lanarkshire such as West Laigh are complete with facilities that you will normally expect in a 5-star hotel rather than just a Bed and Breakfast accommodation. The rooms are packed with a quality bed and high-end towels and linens that will treat you like a queen or king. You will definitely enjoy the coffee, and the tea-making facilities included inside the Lanarkshire Cottages. Enjoy sipping a freshly brewed coffee while enjoying the view of the surrounding in their exclusive balcony.

The security system of the Cottages in Lanarkshire is definitely unmatched by others; there is a 24-hour fully-functional CCTV camera that guarantees that your area is being monitored 24/7. The Cottage is also a keyless entry which will immediately discourage any possible pick lockers. Aside from the impeccable security, they will also make sure that you will feel comfortable during your 2-night stay in their Lanarkshire Cottages as they are designed to be kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

Attractions near the Cottages

in Lanarkshire

Apart from being accessible due to its location and the fact that it is near the main road, the Cottage is also near the renowned location in Lanarkshire. You will be able to enjoy visiting the village located in Braehead since this historical place is packed with restaurants that offers luscious and mouth-watering local dish and souvenir shop that offers unique stuff at a very affordable price. Another great place to visit when you are in Lanarkshire would be the heritage site such as the visitor centre located at the New Lanark where you will be able to access all the attraction with a single ticket.

You should never miss the Annie McLeod where the purported ghost of the mill-girl allegedly appear and will take you on the journey of a self-discovery. You may also choose to visit the Hamilton which is a place for great destination during the Holiday outings of the family.

The comfortable, affordable yet luxurious cottages of West Laigh will complete your holiday vacation in Scotland.

Customer Reviews

“Absolutely amazing! I booked this lovely property to celebrate mum’s 80th Birthday. She did not want a big fuss made, just a quiet celebration with myself, sister and niece, it was such a lovely surprise to us all when we arrived at the property, it looked absolutely amazing on the website and it certainly did not disappoint, we all fell instantly in love with the place. It was so comfortable and welcoming, it met all our needs and made our stay so very special. Yvonne is so friendly, welcoming and very thoughtful, the little touches were so much appreciated. So thank you Yvonne, from the bottom of our hearts, your lovely, amazing, property made our stay so very very special. I would definately recommend this gorgeous place to family, friends and anyone that appreciates beautiful places.”

Tracey C


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