West Laigh

The beauty of Scotland makes it a very attractive location where you can enjoy and relax on a holiday vacation. As a guest in this amazing land, you have a lot of opportunity to indulge outdoors as you appreciate the complex and unique history of the area.

While you are able to choose the modern hotels available in the area, why not take a step-up, and enjoy the real, feel-at-home hospitality in Scotland by booking at unique Scottish cottages?

Unique Cottages in Scotland

These lovely and luxury cottages offer you a comfortable place to call as home after a fruitful day of exploration of the area. Among the several appeals of enjoying holidays in Scotland is the gorgeous scenery which is unique on its own. If you have visited the United Kingdom and felt that the scenery is but similar, think again! Things are different in Scotland, and you can feel that by experiencing real Scottish life, living at unique Scottish cottages.

As you go out and explore the terrain, you can choose to enjoy a gentle nature walk or a rugged discovery which offers a challenge for you, especially if it is what you really prefer. The good news is that there are some designated walks and themes that are available for visitors. As such, you can enjoy walking in while following the steps of intriguing and famous characters from Scotland’s history. These themed walks are also featured every year so that visitors and even repeat visitors are provided with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the wonders and beauty of Scotland in a really refreshing way.


Fantastic House – I particularly enjoyed watching the Deer while out walking our dog.

Internally, everything you could possibly need for a home from home was provided, Will be returning next year for sure”

Vincent G

The Leisurely Holiday

If you are looking for that leisurely and relaxing holiday, you have the option to accommodate at one of the unique Scottish cottages in Scotland. There are several visitor centres to help you appreciate the real beauty of Scotland right through the eyes of the people who call it their home. After a very long day outside exploring the rest of what the country has to offer, it is nice to know that you can comfortably stretch in your cottage.

The tranquillity and peace allows you to enjoy and feel at home, far from home. West Laigh Cottages offer you this kind of accommodation. All the features and fixtures that you would like to see are all available, giving you that extremely cosy experience.

These unique style cottages provide different guests with peace and silence in the countryside, with amazing architecture and overall view outside. The location is well situated in Central Scotland, allowing easy access for the rest of your travel. As an added advantage, you can even bring your pets with you!


West Laigh

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